Welcome To Scotland

VisitScotland is the official home of Scotland's national tourist board and it's website—visitscotland.com—is a must use online resource for anyone thinking about planning a trip to Scotland.

Some VisitScotland Highlights

VisitScotland provides fantastic information on all aspects of visiting Scotland; from sampling the cultural highs of Edinburgh to off-the-beaten-track mountain treks. However here at Fairways Scotland we have a particular interest in a certain pastime involving a small white ball and 18 challenging holes! Thankfully with Scotland being the Home of Golf, there is no shortage of great information and resources about golf on the VisitScoltand website.
Here are a few highlights which we think any keen golfer will find of interest!

The Best Golf Holes in Scotland

What's the single best golf hole in Scotland? A nearly impossible question to answer, and probably a matter of personal taste, but we think this list compiled by VisitScotland comes pretty close: https://www.visitscotland.com/blog/golf/best-golf-holes/

Golf's Tea Time Treats

Here at Fairways we know that there's nothing better after a long day on the golf course than a delicous filling meal. Luckily Scotland boasts some of the finest cuisine in the world; from gloriously fresh seafood straight off the boat, to our world famous Aberdeen Angus beef—delicious, seasonal, locally-sourced food is never far away from your plate (and your stomach!):

Official Golf Tours

Now we might be a little bit biased here, but we truly believe that the best way to discover all that this magnificent country has to offer is to book your vacation through a local, dedicated and exclusive tour operator—someone like Fairways Scotland (well we did warn you were a bit biased). We are proud to be an officially listed tour operator through VisitScotland: https://www.visitscotland.com/info/tours/fairways-scotland-limited-p1559511

Planning Your Trip to Scotland

Want to find out more about how planning a golf trip to Scotland? Get in touch with our dedicated team using the link below and find out how Fairways Scotland can help you have the trip of a lifetime to Scotland:

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